We believe that God wants to unleash revival in our world and that it is the next generation who is going to start that wave!

We understand that the middle and high school years are the most formative years of a person’s life, so we will strive to be a counter-forming voice - one that empowers students to be who God created them to be, one that speaks God’s truth amidst a noisy, self-focused culture, and one that allows opportunity for spiritual development, meaningful relationships, and serving others.

At K1, we also believe that parents are the most important influence in the life of a student and that it is our responsibility as the church to partner with and equip parents as they help their students navigate their personal journeys.


We’d love to have any 6th - 12th grade students join us for our weekly ministries!


YOUTH GROUP // 6th-12th grade 
 Sundays | 6:30-8:00 PM
(dinner at 6:00 PM)

Each week, students  gather together for food, games, worship, the word, and small groups. Pastor Lindsay believes that food, friends, + fun are the perfect gateway for students to go to the next level in their FAITH. So that is what we try to provide!


If you do not receive weekly emails from Pastor Lindsay about what is going on in K1 Students, let her know by clicking the button below.
These emails let parents know what series we are doing and the topics we are discussing as well as some questions for you to ask your students for follow up discussion at home! They will also keep you updated on upcoming events.

What's Happening in youth