Join us as we read through the Bible together in a year - chronologically! It’s all too easy to treat the Bible like a reference book, a resource for deriving theological truths, moral principles, or encouraging sentiments. While the Bible does provide those things, if we primarily interact with it as a reference book, we will miss the bigger story it’s telling.

The Bible is a story. It is our story. It is the greatest story of all time.

In 2023, we - as a community of faith - are going to work our way through the entire Bible in a year as we come to learn the remarkable story that leads to Jesus.

We hope that you will join us! There are three ways you can follow along.....


Buy the One Year Chronological Bible on Amazon  HERE.


Start this plan in the YouVersion Bible app to follow along.


Click HERE to download the reading plan and use the Bible you already have.


Schedule a regular time to get the reading done. Having a rhythm worked into your daily schedule will help keep you accountable to the commitment and ensure that you remain focused.
Give yourself grace. If you get behind a day or two, we suggest doubling down and getting caught up. If you get behind a week or more, just pick back up on the scheduled day. This way you can stay on the path with the rest of the congregation and not feel like you're on your own. 
Journal as you go. Because this is such an intense reading plan, it doesn't leave a lot of room for digging deep (word studies, commentaries, etc.). But that doesn't mean that you won't have thoughts, questions, or connections as you go! We strongly encourage having a journal with you as you read so you can record these thoughts along the way.